Klaudia Bronowicka

Mobile app and indie game developer

Hey you!

I'm Klaudia, senior software developer at a digital agency by day, and an indie hacker / indie game developer by night. I love using my technical skills to work on projects in fields related to my other passions, such as psychology wellbeing. Bonus points if it helps others! I am currently working on One a Day - a gratitude and positivity journalling platform for people dealing with mental health issues. Give me a shout if it's something you're interested in :)

My projects

Gratitude and Positivity journal for people struggling with mental health issues, who want to learn about living a more positive, happy and fulfilling life.
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Guilt Free is a visual novel crossed with a point and click made to offer perspective on mental health and eating disorders. Navigate a couple's rocky relationship and encounter flaws or quirks that may actually be symptomatic behaviors.
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Easy Polish News is a mobile application for Polish language learners which allows them to read real life news from Poland and get immediate translation for any new vocabulary
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Latest blog posts

This story is going to be very personal. I guess that's okay. Looking back A few years ago I was very unwell. I was at the university, after moving to the UK on my own, and then moving between cities trying to find my place. I made some friends but didn’t feel close to anyone, which was mostly because I was (and still am) really good at isolating myself. The only person I could talk to honestly…

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So I did it. I ran a marathon. Early last year I made one of my many returns to casual jogging as an alternative to my usual workouts. I needed a change, I needed a reason to get out of the house (Covid times!) and I needed something to help me clear my head a bit. Running was good. Humble beginnings I'd never run longer than 8km, and even that distance I'd only done once. I never felt like longer…

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