Klaudia Bronowicka

Mobile app and indie game developer

Hi there!

I'm Klaudia and I'm a mobile app and indie game developer interested in mental health and wellbeing. In my day job, I design and develop mobile and web applications for various different clients. Outside of work, I create apps and games in the space of mental health and wellbeing. I love using my technical skills to work on projects in fields relating to my other passions, such as psychology and video games. I hope to be able to positively affect and help people through my work.

My projects

Guilt Free is a visual novel crossed with a point and click made to offer perspective on mental health and eating disorders. Navigate a couple's rocky relationship and encounter flaws or quirks that may actually be symptomatic behaviors.
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Easy Polish News is a mobile application for Polish language learners which allows them to read real life news from Poland and get immediate translation for any new vocabulary
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Latest blog posts

Recently I've been working on an app where users can read articles in a foreign language and get immediate translation of the words they select. Unfortunately, it turns out that text selection isn't supported out of the box in Xamarin Forms so I needed to do some digging. First of all, I found these two great articles explaining how to create selectable labels: - Article by @HeikkiDev - Article by…

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