Deck of Cards Home Workout

Deck of Cards is a compact fitness app offering workout routines based on deck of cards. Each symbol represents a different exercise and numbers show exercise repetitions.

This app was my first time using Xamarin Forms after few years of working with Xamarin Native. I consider it my playground project, where I get to try out new things in a small environment.

The first version developed in March 2020 allowed the users to customise their workout by changing exercise types and choosing whether to include Jokers or not. The workouts could also be paused to come back to them at a later time. At that point, I learned about Xamarin Forms basics, MVVM pattern, animations, and using SQLite database in the app.

As months went by, I added more features, some requested by the users or people I asked for feedback. The current version is a more complex project, including:

  • Workout reminders to stay motivated (implementing app notifications)
  • Banner and interstitial ads
  • Workout history page with statistics
  • Settings page with app customisation options
  • Multiple decks and workout customisation options
  • Premium features subscription in Google Play and Apple Store

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