About me

My story

I was born and raised in Poland where I lived until I finished high school. Afterwards I moved to the UK to study Computer Science at the University of Sunderland and the University of Leeds. During placement year I took my first job as a software developer specialising in mobile app development. I decided to pursue my career instead of going back to university. I took on more leadership and managerial responsibilities at the same time exploring various different areas such as design and marketing. I found I feel best when challenged with new things and when I work on meaningful projects.

Technology and mental health

Having had my own experience with mental health issues, I feel committed to help others with their struggles. I believe having technical skills is a blessing as it allows me to tackle these problems from a different perspective and, most of all, it allows me to have full control over my projects which I can carry through from just an idea to the very end. The knowledge of psychology and mental health also gives me an edge in my design and development work, as I believe my empathy and a better understanding of people helps me create better products.

Indie development

Video games have always been my biggest passion and creating my own titles had always been something I wanted to do. In September 2018, I decided to give game development a real chance. Inspired by indie games in the area of mental health, I wanted to tell a story which could help people who feel misunderstood and alone. That was the birth of Guilt Free, a narrative game telling a story of a couple battling an eating disorder. After a very rocky 2 years, I managed (with the help of amazing people who joined me on my journey) to publish my first game and received very positive responses. Inspired by this small success, I am determined to continue my journey with game development by not only making more games in the same space but also sharing my knowledge to support others on their journeys.